AA1 Match Report v Olympic Eagles (09/06/2011)

Cold night has set in the boys are huddled together all 8 of them…. who else is coming was to be heard… as Eddie is setting up the nets on wrong pitch to confuse the eagles…. and successfully upsets the opposition with this wily tactic… could it work.
Starting 8 in announced and Michael Michael still is dropped to the bench…..
“Eddie is the worst manager ever”
Michael sprints to his new company car and starts the car engine after 4 attempts… He revs the car in disgust and tensions are that he is gonna run Eddie over….

The 12 year old ref and his two 10 year old linesmen turn up and their mammies were on the sideline with their schoolbags…..
Consy starts his first game and nerves are showing
He turned up in his gear…
Team to start – Cakes
Paul Sammy Mickey Rab
Bren richie consy simba birchie
Bench: Sean bondi vet “Michael michael” ben vegas matt
Goal kick fluffed Bren hit in face and ricochet fell to chris, early attack….. Win assist 85 yes kickout just about dealt with by Mickey….
Simba early attack up left and looking very lively…..
Sammy asks for car lights to turned off as they are reflecting off his temporary wedding ring…. Ben went to the lady in the car and after a stint of doggin lights were turned off….
Eagles No.4 just wide with fierce drive…
Olympic attack and cakes devours the ball as if it had icing on it with mickey joining in for seconds… Shouts of hand ball…
Consy gives away a few free kicks after unleashing his new chisel he stole from tech…. ===ADVERT==== looking for a handy man, for all jobs call Consy… ======ADVERT OVER
Corner from nice work from Bren glance header from richie….
25mins michael gets the call bib off an warms up…
Rab late again and tells the ref off for not being able to understand scottish and get his teacher help him next week in school…. caution this time….
Mickey drives over after another BUFC corner… Sighs of anyone but Mickey from the sideline (actually it was Sean and the Vet)
32 mins Bren gets taken down linesman waves his flag must be cold….
Martin o Niels protege steps up consy… Tucks it into bottom right…
no.11 tidy play nutmeggin
38min Michael still warming up…. Eddie finally tells
Him to get ready….
Enter the baby and his big lip… First touch freekick against Michael Michael….
Birch comes off and calls his girlfriend to update his faceboom status to “Pulled off by eddie”…
45mins cakes miskick and Mickey plays a throughball to chris who takes the ball 30yrds and as keeper out nets it beautifully.. 2-0
Olympic keep going with attack but cakes safe again…
========2ND HALF=====
Olypmic attack and no.11 runs 20yrds cakes saves well after low drive..
Wind has picked up BUFC looking good…
Sammy keeping back line tight and makes good tackle….
Freekick on edge Mickey pick
Pockets the forward no change
Rab swings a dig and red card… The demon returns…
Great save from Tom….
Dropping off 10men showing.. Lates tackles both teams
Sammies 50yrd went 70yrd over and as long….
Consy now on the bench has a go at the Eagles for and is told to “F off and have another big mac”….
Tom another great save from freekick… Boys doing very well…
Mickey tackle too late and peno…Red card and BUFC are down to 9 men… the scottish have forgotten the Iron Bru…
Tough job now,Come on tom….
2-1….. 20mins to go….
All attack now from the Eagles
Chris does very Well in right corner and corner won..
Birchie back on for Bren
Matt challenges well in midfield
From the corner matt finishes with a great wind assisted drive…..
3-1 barnstoneworth…….
Wynton makes an on field ball collect… Beer in one hand slips once twice fallssssss
Ben grant 85mins recently drafted into the AA1’a cause Sean feels that his losing team dont need the major sponsor of the club!!!!
First touch a superb tackle….
Last drive… Olympic.. Cakes collects
Ben very busy and after a late elbow loses a tooth…
Richie keeping midfield well controlled…
Samba attack lays matt on keeper saves well…..
Sammy and backline holding out very well..mom

MOM = Cakes, he was the icing on the Cake… superb saves that kept the team in it.
Sammy and Bren great efforts to mention.

=====JUST IN======
Paul Downer was asked how is his superannuation going from the spotty gay c@$t Paul told in the pub…….