AA1 Match Report v Queens Park (26/04/11)


Queens Park Rangers 1 Barnstoneworth 3

After a poor start to the season, with just one point from the opening two games nothing but a win would suffice from this classic encounter. They’re always good games against the Park and this was no different with a bit of blood sweat and tears, but fortunately two goals from Danny and a screaming NET BUSTER from Liam set up this 3-1 victory.

The pre-match mood was damped slightly with the news that Man of the Match for the opening two games Paul Downer was missing at right back, with Michael Michael stepping in to replace him. If I was Downer I would be starting to worry slightly, not only is Mike his offsider at work, he’s now replacing him in the football team and has quickly taken over his mantle of ladies man of the team. Having said that, Downer did recently tell me that when he single he used to have to wear a pair of boxing gloves on a nights out – just to fight the ladies off with!

So to the game, we reverted back to the trusty 4-5-1 that served us so well in previously years, with Paddy playing solo up front, Batstone on the left and the return of Richie in the middle and Simba on the beach was most welcome. QPR got the better of the opening exchanges but after an initial spell they didn’t really have to much to offer. While we plugged away with a series of half chances. The break through finally came on the stroke of half time, when a classic long throw routine was flicked from near post to the centre of the goal to far post where Danny was lurking to smash home on the half volley. So 1-0 at the break and things were looking up. The cushion meant we were a bit more relaxed in procession and this ultimately lead to the second goal. Some brilliant build up play through midfield created some space for Birchy on the right, who pulled the ball back to Simba who’s dummy brilliantly set up Liam who hit a screamer from fully 20 yards into the top corner. The big man hit it with such venom that the net broke, and had to be repaired before the game could restart.

“….I’d like to take you back to 1990 probably our generations greatest World Cup was being played and where one man became a world star followed and admired by millions. At the same time a young fella from the streets of Dublin was following his hero’s. The team that Jack built had some great players; Packie Bonner, Paul McGrath, Whelan, Houghton, Cascarino they were just some of Consey’s heroes. The Irish teams amazing run to the quarters was ended by Italy but what a run it was. Finally I’ve gotten to the point… Consey set off on a run on Sunday inspired not by Whelan, Houghton or Townsend – lets face it they hardly got a touch in that World Cup and spent most of the time watching the ball fly over their heads to the two big lads up front – no this run was inspired by Paul Gascoigne. It was like watching the former Spurs star in his hay day, as Consey set off from half way toward the QPR goal. A shimmy here and drag back there, Consey waltzed his way through the midfield and defence. He beat the final two men on the edge of the box and time stood still as he shaped to shoot on his right foot. A brilliant run just needed a brilliant finish. Unfortunately is was not to be as his curling right footed effort bent just wide of target to the groans of the crowd!……”

It was, however, good stuff to watch. Consey had a good game in the middle of the park and mentions also must be given to Joe playing at left back, Marcelo in goal as well as the goal scores and the returning midfielders.

Anyway on to the 3rd goal. Brilliance in the box from Wee Man Danny, a great near post header left the goalie stranded in no mans land as he ducked in front to flash the header across goal and into the far post. There was also some good work out of the left by someone?? to set the goal up. So that was pretty much it, they scored one, cant remember what happened with that, in fact I cant remember too much about the game in general hence the Gascoigne story.

Roll on next week… Paddy might even score!