AA1 Match Report v UNSW (03/04/11)

Game One – One – One

So after the laid back summer months of hanging around on the beaches, staring at girls and having nothing more to worry about other than where the next cold one was coming from the footie season is back. The gruelling pre-season over, the dress rehearsals done Sunday was the day to kick things off in style. Typically Sydney put on a classic hot, sunny 28 degree day…. if its rain your looking for just ask Neil Baker to organise a barbie!

The stage was set but would the performers err perform. Well for about 30 minutes we did. Like watching Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, the Uni Team were in slow motion as we tore into them from the off. Micheal Micheal rattled one against the post in the first minute and that set the early tempo. We cut through their back line time after time, but with little in end product to show for it.

10 minutes gone and Paddy found himself after a ball over the top from Rory. Dropping sweetly on to his left foot Paddy exploded a half volley from 25 yards that hit the post…. unfortunately for us it was the corner post. Yet we didn’t have to wait much longer for the opener. A progressive passing move saw us sweep up the field, 20 yards from our goal to the back of their net within 20 seconds. Some build up play from Rory and Bren got the ball to Micheal Micheal in midfield, he ran on and then clipped a cheeky ball through to Batstone who played a fortunate 1 – 2 with a defender as their goalie rushed out. Just before ‘keeps’ collapsed on the ball, it was toed back to the on-rushing Birchy who calmly dispatched it through a crowd of players from 8 yards.

Birchy was looking composed and fit after his recent stag do over in the mother land. The big day is coming up for him in a few weeks at Westminster but he looks determined not to let the wedding to Kate effect is game.

Sadly that was about as good as it got for us. There were still more chances yet we failed to break them down as the Uni came back into the game. Debutant Chris playing at left wing, then right wing and finally pushed up front performed well, having a 25 yard screamer tipped over by their in form keeper. Whilst Birchy had a header excellently saved and Paddy went within inches of nabbing a crucial second goal on a couple of occasions. Danny was also a constant threat combining his usual on the ball tricky with some sublime passing. Word is that the coaching heavy weights at Barca, Utd and Stockport are looking into his novel pre-match warm up which involved him running home to get his boots before the game!

As for their goal, well have a chat to Rab and Downer and make the rest up for yourself. Handbags anyone???? From my few the lad that scored it will never score another header like that. A bullet from maybe 8 -9 yards bang into the top corner off the inside of the post – classic Cascarino! Micheal in goal had no chance.

In summary we know what it takes. We’ve learnt some valuable lessons from this draw. We have experience and application we’ve not seen before – we’re older than ever. But the trick is to look forwards not back, roll on next week – I’m gonna smash someone!

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