AA1 Match Report v Dunbar 2nd string….

ring ring ring ring………
“Paddy, its Eddddie…. hows da lig yee wee shiiit??”
“Not bad maybe another week….”
“aahhh nnnnoooo, yee big fannny we need yee to playyy as da boyyyss
are shhiiiittt”…………………..

” lets do it for the team, the boys need me”…….. as i pack the bag
for the game i play the sound track to motivate me to play after
watching the game against Queens park”

“guess who’s back Paddy’s back, at the
back, at the back, at the back….. another clean sheet”

starting Team..
Paul – Sammy – Paddy – Michael on its own
Mr.Tropicana – Michael Michael – Simba – Richie – The future king

Very windy day in Eastern Suburbs and to my surprise the match is on
as the pitch didnt get blown away even though it looks like a mine
field in the middle east….
Line up was called late by Eddie and had a few people guessing if they
are starting due to the well…. i dont need to say anymore… piss
poor performance a few weeks ago….
Michael Michael and Bren get the nod so instead of listening to the
ritual confidence shattering team talk from Eddie… they run around
the pitch with an imaginary ball hoping to reinact a goal for the

Ref means business today…he summons both teams to center circle to
highlight that he has never got an offside wrong in his career and he
has a bag full of yellow cards for any cheeky pup who wishes to take
him on…..

Off we go….. Great start by BUFC and attacks are a plenty but not
quite troubling the Pink collared goalkeeper…….
Defence looking older than before and Dunbar sneak down the left
indicating they know Michael is not a real left full and most likely
the oldest beating him a whipping a telling crosss!!!! Tom pulls off a
point blank save putting his entire body to the limit and keeps the
scores at nil……followed by a finger tip save onto the crossbar….
BUFC under pressure but the wind isnt helping to clear our lines…..

Midfield start to dominate with Simba and richie pushing forward with
Future king really showing signs of his old tricks……… Birchie
collects the ball inside our own half and takes on Dunbar single
hand-idly, step over and shimmy… makes to edge and then drags the
ball wide……

After a few attacks and Richie breaks forward and shoots low……
keeper seems to have it and as we all retreat for the long kick…..
GOAL GOAL…. seems like the keeper has rolled into the net with the
ball and 1-0 to BUFC….. the referee is surrounded by players……
“OG OG OG ref no way did we score” to my astonishment the BUFC players
were trying every angle to make sure Richie didnt get the
credit……. must have shagged someones missus at the weekend for
that to happen……????

Game on…. Enter the wee wing magician Danny (rumour has it that he
actually fractured his shoulder whilst txting eddie during his own
personal 50km run instead of team training”
After another good attack from Chris Danny sneaks into the box to tap
in the 2nd just on the whistle…..
Half time – 2-0 BUFC

Second Half
Strong wind still about and might need it to help across the line today…..
We start off very well continuing to attack and Chris continues to
torment the Dunbar back line with his close control and tidy skills…
Danny makes it 3-0 nil after a yell for offside and adds to account
for the season…..
Game seems to be safe and Eddie makes a few changes to rest the
legs……. with that the Referee yells out loud ” welcome back… we
missed you ” its the return of the Referees player of the season
Into the midfield the hammer goes and straight away gets stuck into
Dunbar…. Simba takes a knock to the ankle might be sore one and
replaced by Consy…. immediate impact once again with his silky
swagger of the hips mesmerizing the Dunbar and supplying our front
After a record number attempts or hacks at goal (20 shots . 10 with
left and 10 with right) nick marks his return with a goal……only
for it to called another OG thanks to the Dunbar keeper….
Tom’s busy afternoon in goal continues as he once again shows his
masterful shot stopping and helps keep the clean sheet intact…..

Full time whistle comes and its a relief for all.. 3 points

Well done lads a fantastic effort and great result that puts us back
up the top of the table…..

MOM – Cakes for his fine saves
Mentions: Chris for good job up front – Danny for 2 goals – The future
King for showing signs of returning to form