Match Report AA1 v Dunbar 19/04/15

19th of April 2015, another crisp Sunday afternoon in the eastern suburbs.

The team and associated members of the board appeared to be gathered along the sidelines to support the seconds, it was a promising start. The only draw back was to see Sam Palmer playing in a questionable centre midfield role after ‘chirping’ for the last two nights about how he couldn’t play himself after a disgraceful sending off last week ….. The opposition were running prematch warmups at the other of the pitch, by the looks of things they were a tidy outfit, couple that with the obvious sight that they were all Giants, things looked ominous given our weakness at set pieces the week before. The match kicked off and the opposition came out of the traps quickly, it looked like it was going to be a tough afternoon. After five minutes however it appeared that the team settled, players put in a few tackles and found their men.

18 year old Daz double game keeper face, pulled off two excellent stops to keep Barney in the game. 20 minutes into the game, Nick baldy chops decided to shuffle the deck by introducing the forgotten man, Colum handsome B wonderful into the fray. Last years right back stalwart settled well stringing a few passes together making his usual strong decisions. Unfortunately for the Reds O’leary made a slight error at the back believe his textbook chest pass was enough for Joe stole my place to clear but was found wanting, and Scottish Ian to loose his man uncharacteristically after a strong start, 1 nil Dunbar. Barney didn’t go into the shell however, making efforts which included a goal mouth scramble, good long effort from Dan the bag Eales, also stole my place, him a Joe are in it the cunts ….

A mazy run from Andy the Aussie, Chris Moore rattling the upright, 1 nil down but still looked good and up for it. Half time chat came and the synopsis of what happened in the the first 45 was said by Simba, we looked good, mistake and slip of concentration for the goal, but we were holding our own. The second half started, Barney managed to get what seemed like their 40th corner but never seemed to punish. The first major talking point was Davey Shannon having a clash of heads with one of the opposition, both went in hard, par for the course for Dave, and Dave ended up with a blue golf balled size welt under his eye, looked like a man that did 12 rounds with floyd money maywhether, the man played the remainder of the match with a ice bag, didn’t shy out of a tackle, heroic stuff. After a good shift from colly came to a end, the fans on the side line not really happen with the decision, Chris Moore came back into the pitch. Moore seemed to roll back the years, after a stop start previous season, to produce a strong performance. Joe, place filler, peters put Moore in with Chris managing a composed finish to level the scores.

Barney however let Dunbar back into the game, a ball was played through, Ian rogers was see with a tattoo riddled hand in the air ala Robert Carlyle shouting off side only to find Dunbar putting a good move and cross, with a nice finish, disappointment was felt on the side lines, rogers didn’t give it the full monty. Barney didn’t give up tho, Moore was there again to get his team back into the game, his mishit shank cross managed to find a supposed walshie at the back stick, 2-2, back in the game. Both teams had a few chances towards the end of the game, 2 all the final score, Barney can feel hard done by. Special mentions to Marty mc fly, Ian IAN’s, northie Dave, Chris Moore, man match goes to Dave for playing with half a face and and one eyeball.