Match Report AA1 v QP 12/04/15

I’m a man of few words so I’ll keep this short and sweet!!

The game kicked off with all the boys in high hopes and choking for a win, BUFC got off to an early start with a ball from midfield through to Hornby to which he soo elegantly flicked on to Dave running through two defenders, to easily slot past the keeper for the first goal.

Think they scored next with a fluke!

Porteous got a decent first time cross in from wide of the right wing where 3″2′ Danny managed to go unchallenged amongst the 8″ lanky defender only to put his header a few inches over the bar!

Tattie munching Chris missed a sitter squared to him from the edge of the 18yard box where it went through his legs only to swipe fresh air!

Numerous pussy fouls given against BUFC! But it didn’t stop the boys having a go!

Good old Robin the Flying Dutchman (at least he looks Dutch) came on in the 2nd half, played a sweet 1-2 with Danny to pull it back ahead! 2-1 United! He was then pulled off 10mins later blowing out his arse.

Macco came on at one point didn’t get so much as a fart out then pulled back off.

Queens park pulled it back level with a corner when the lanky 8″ defender got on to it!!! Dunno who was supposed to be marking him????

Had a few brakes close to the end with everyone pushing up, one with Hornby getting on to an outstanding overhead kick but sadly it was closer to the corner flag than it was the goal!

Overall the team played much better than their first game, the fitness and sharpness is improving!! Every touch of the ball is with more confidence! Next game against Dunbar should be a breeze!


MoM – probably me  [😉]  (Disclaimer – Martin may not have actually typed this line,  but then again, maybe he did)