AA2 Match Report v Bondi United 25/04/10


Pre-Match (Ben Grant):

9am – its raining. Am I happy about that? Not sure. Will the game be called off? More than likely. Could be a messy Anzac day down the pub all day then……

Pre-Match (Sean McGuinness):

9am – its raining….. woooohooooo……. more Xbox time mein bitches! Die Die Die Rooney Die!

Pre-Match (Brian Fagan):

9am – its raining…… where am I? Whose sofa is this? Why am I naked? Oh Bejesus.

Pre-Match (Stephen Potter):

9am – its raining…… Men! hallelujah…. its raining men!

The league website showed that this encounter was still on, and so we all converged on Paine Reserve for this epic engagement.

Up went the nets in double quick time, and up turned Brian with blurry red shot eyes. All was going to plan.

Kit – Check
Registration Cards – Check
Keeper – Check
Subs – Check
Tool Shed Joke – Double Check
Eddie Sweeny incomprehensible comment – Check

The usual 4 times across the pitch warm up took place, led by Captain Calf/Thigh/Groin strain, before someone pointed out….. “isn’t that Craig Foster warming up for the opposition?”…….then Eddie Sweeny commented “eeeh no big man, that’s Ben Grants younger brother”.

Onto the game:

Barnstoneworth were quick out of the blocks, forcing the keeper into numerous saves early on. A goal feast of prodigious (its there…..go on………take a look…. its just before “produce”, and just after “prodigal”……) proportions was on the cards.

Wave after wave of attacking football was being quashed by the Bondi keeper and defence, whilst some finishing from Barnstoneworth was simply woeful. Bondi looked the happier side at the interval, and could/should have been 3-4 nil down.

The gaffer decided to pull Paul Jones off at half time ……. however the rest of us preferred a drink of water and a chat about the game!

Unfortunately our attitude at the start of the 2nd half was complacent, whilst Bondi upped their game and started to cause us a few problems. The contest was now a fairly even affair

With 10 minutes remaining, Bondi took the lead with a long range strike. A cruel, cruel blow – but this was always likely to be the case, given our lack of ruthlessness in front of goal.

Commeth the hour, commeth the man – Irish Adam.

In came the sweetest of corners (take note Garnsey) from someone who’s name escapes me…… but it was Beckham-esque, full of zip, toil and menace (you can’t teach that, you’re born with it)….. and from nowhere, rising like an Irish Salmon, that swim upstream during Springtime, before nestling in a cool stream of placid waters, surrounded by water orchids and Lilly pads, blossoming to full pollination, which is in stark contrast to the vile and prudent Autumn evenings, where Monkfish swim, and Sea Urchins bury themselves for the long cold and lonely Irish Winters, and the tadpoles who long to become frogs, watch from the surface edge, awaiting their turn in the spring sunshine, and the otter builds his nest, in full view of the Salmon, however, I digress………..it hit Adams head and went in. 1-1.

2 points lost, or 1 point salvaged? You decide.

The team is starting to take shape now, and the team bonding is starting to replicate that from last years championship winning side, which can only be of benefit on the pitch for the remainder of the season.

(Author – Ben G)

MoM – Dan Taylor