AA2 Match Report v Dunbar 18/04/10

Last Week

Other than plenty of goals and decent players, the key to success in this league will be learning from our mistakes – It’s fine to make errors, as long as we don’t make them again and again. Last week there were 3 glaring ones.
In part these were rectified.

1. 3 subs. Passed

2. No hat. Though there was ANOTHER dodgy Gola top, with the same picture on. Pack of 10 Sean? Passed. Just.

3. Again we started badly with little confidence. Fail.

But, to quote Chris Neale’s favourite Meatloaf song… ‘2 out of 3 aint bad’. Well down Sean. Good preparation.

Pre match
All the basics were covered off.

Arrive. Sean thinks he has left the cards at home, then finds them. Done.
Get in a circle. 2 in the middle. Done.
Nervously watch the opposition to see how well they warm up. Done. In fact they warmed up very nicely. Little square marked out of cones, synchronised stretching. Lovely stuff.
Ben Grant referencing the Tool Shed in a joke. Done.

Formalities over.

The Game
Now. Its Friday today (as i’m sat here) The game was last Sunday. So this is my recollection. Bear with me.


Strong. Dominant. Intimidating. A bit like Arnie in Conan. Without the fancy little animal skin bikin bottoms. Back to his best, and easily worth a goal to the team on today’s performance. That’s a goal difference of -1 then for the season. Made a great one-on-one save too just after BSW had almost scored themselves.


Looked rather angry today. Won every tackle, usually taking a little bit of leg with the ball. All fair though.


Gets around more than a 40 year old hooker. Is he a 40 year old hooker? Played well as always, despite nursing a nasty hangover from 48hours previous. Performed an unnamed sex-act on himself in the portaloo prior to kick-off.


The best and worst player on pitch. Will take a heavy touch, then win the resulting 50/50 tackle every time without fail (so says Chris Neale brk-brk). Credit goes to the knee strap also.


Back from the honeymoon and playing well on his debut. Perhaps the only person in the world who didn’t know the about the relevance of the words volcano and Iceland. Tackled well and often started moves from left back.


Usual. Huffed and puffed. Got tackled. Went over a bit too easy. Got injured and tired. Came off went back on.


Got up and down the line well. Won a great header in the box for BSWs best chance in the first half. Nosed it back to the keeper, but still the best chance. Oddly has started to take corners really well.


Did well in all the positions he was asked to play. Created chances for the team when out wide, and got through a fair share of tacking when in the middle. Looks like will be consistently good all season.


Had BSW 2nd best chance of the game when he ran from left midfield, cut inside, beating a couple of players, then ran out of steam a little when through one-on-one. Also made a few great runs late in the 2nd half and stretched the opposition.


Had about 3 one-on-ones during the game just from chasing down and hard work. On another day could have scored on all 3, on this day scored none. The one player in the team who we’d all hate playing against most.


The thinking mans footballer. Comes deep, but also likes to get in behind you. I can’t get anymore innuendos into that sentence. Like the previous week one of the best players on the day. Always looking for the ball , and makes himself available for the team.


Came on and tacked well, and tidies everything up. Good player. Just has to find some boots. Surely it can’t be that hard.


Comes in and out of the game to ensure he can play twice in a day. No need, easily good enough for AA2. Had a great chance that just couldn’t get any part of his ripped body to. Pardon?


“You cant teach that”… etc. Experienced enough to finish the pinball chance in the box, that seemed like it was going to go wasted. Christy brown would have been proud of that finish (cliche).

Dunbar were a decent team, but we outworked them in every department. With a bit more composure I think we’ll take some teams apart like we did last year. It’s just a matter of getting more familiar with each other’s games, and having the confidence to play decent football.

All in all an average game, with a great result. This is my favourite quote of all time. Seen often, but It fits perfectly.

“To put it in gentleman’s terms if you’ve been out for a night and you’re looking for a young lady and you pull one, some weeks they’re good looking and some weeks they’re not the best. Our performance today would have been not the best looking bird but at least we got her in the taxi. She wasn’t the best looking lady we ended up taking home but she was very pleasant and very nice, so thanks very much, let’s have a coffee”
Ian Holloway, QPR Manager. 2003.
Good turnout at the Coach. We even have a female following now. Whether this is to do with Jonesy being in the team, and the frequency of his shirt coming off, or new players partners intrigued about where the men are on a Sunday… ..I’m not sure.

Post Match

Other point noted in the pub;

Sean has a thing for girls in Gloucester.
Bulmers with a bit of ice is the new post-footie drink of choice.
Chris Neale does not know a good bet when he sees one.

(Author – Dan T)

MoM – Dan Taylor