AA2 Match Report v Maroubra 11/07/10

Sunday 11th July 2009 15:00pm

No rain had fallen the night before so the game would be on. We arrived at the pitch and as expected we were going to be playing on a sand/muck pit with the odd blade of grass scattered about .

We all rushed (some quicker than others) to the playground to get changed, Abdul was doing his usual pre match warm up and was nowhere to seen. Toolshed Ben appeared to have learned some new stretches from the night before and was limbering up nicely. ROBOPOTTER attached his fake legs. The warm up was dominated by avoiding the golfers who were using the pitch for some practice.

The Gaffa announced the team and Birchy “the gorgeous” was starting on the bench: this was quite disappointing news to Brian as he finally thought he would get to play with him. I don’t remember much of the game however here we go. The game started as usual with plenty of Barnstoneworth pressure. Abdul was turning defenders in/out and we were dominating. As usual the linesman and ref were having a great game. 20 minutes in Ian goes down injured and struggles to play on and to Brians delight birchy makes his way onto the pitch. The match continued with BUFC dominating possession. John Gordon fires a half volley over the crossbar, shot after shot we just can’t find a goal. Maroubra break free and Brian makes a great save to keep us in the game. Sean and Garnsey have a minor disagreement however they kiss and make up shortly after. Half time arrives at last.

The gaffer was full of praise as usual. “Get the ball down and pass” was all I heard, I lost track quickly.

To the second half, Barnstoneworth came out eager and began to create chance after chance however we couldn’t find the goal. Neil looks to his bench: the attacking options he can bring on are limited however we need to get a goal somehow. Alas 30mins to go the token Aussie is replaced by Adam, and Dene also makes his way onto the pitch. Barnestoneworth pressure continues and we gain a corner. Players line up it waiting for it to be taken. Suddenly a sniper appears from the bushes and member of the opposition is shot and goes down clutching his neck. A number of players appear to be pointing in the direction of Adam accusing him of elbowing and a minor scuffle develops .The man in tights aka referee calls the BUFC player over and shows a yellow card, what a disgraceful decision. In the meantime Ben had grown quite fond of the corner flag pole and it reminded him of the friend he made the night before in the toolshed. At this point I feel I would be biased writing this goal so I shall refer you back a number of weeks ago to a different match report.

“In came the sweetest of corners Jan Molby-esque, full of zip, toil and menace and from nowhere, rising like an Irish Salmon, that swim upstream during Springtime, before nestling in a cool stream of placid waters, surrounded by water orchids and Lilly pads, blossoming to full pollination, which is in stark contrast to the vile and prudent Autumn evenings, where Monkfish swim, and Sea Urchins bury themselves for the long cold and lonely Irish Winters, and the tadpoles who long to become frogs, watch from the surface edge, awaiting their turn in the spring sunshine, and the otter builds his nest, in full view of the Salmon, however, I digress……….. “, it hit Adams head and went in. 1-0 get in there.

Someone had queried whether it was an own goal however video replays confirmed it was a delicate touch by the BUFC player and a slight touch of the Maroubra defender.

BUFC believed again and we were looking comfortable to win this one. Maroubra came forward and Chris gives away a free kick which I thought was definitely a good challenge. Brian who had been checking out Birchy most of the game lines up the wall . 40 yards out the Maroubra player mishits it and theres nothing brian can do but eat some sand: goal maroubra 1-1. Brian stays down !is he injured or does he realize he is face deep down in dog sh*t. Thankfully he gets up and plays on but looking a bit angry.

We just can’t find the winner and the game ends 1-1 .

Next week we will get a win.

(Author – Adam L)

MoM – Potter