AA2 v Coogee 21/04/13

Stephen Whelan scores wonder goal Messi would be proud of to earn their AA2 the first point of the season…

The day started off with a song from new man Dave but hadn’t a patch on trigger last week…

Barnstoneworth started the game well against rivals Coogee having the better of the first 15 minutes with no real opportunities that I can remember.  Coogee got into the game after that and with their 10 minute spell, the defence were rock soild.

About 25 minutes in we got a throw on our right and Rory Delap (Scott) throws it long down the wing to Tom who turns the defender with ease as he did all afternoon and sends a sweet ball across for the on running Gattuso (Gerry) the flying Scots man, made no mistake from 6 yards out with a volley but ended up on his arse to no surprise.

Things started to settle and there was a lot of play in the centre of the park, good battling from both sides but 5 minutes from half time the moment of the game happened…..Steve picks the ball up just inside his own half beats his first man but the ball gets away from him but he never gave up, he closed the ball down an it comes off his shin then chases it again and the defender tries to clear but again Steve gets the bounce of the ball and lands in front of him and at this point Tom was about to tackle him but he was clever enough to get out of his way and the pitch opened up and the burst of speed nobody thought he had got him, away from the defence and one on one with the keeper, who rushed out to close the angle but Steve opened up his body and pinged it top corner. Goal of the season contender without a doubt.

We got to half time 2-0 up which we fully deserved. Half time team talk Barzer was impressed with the first half performance but he told us that Coogee would come flying at us in the second half which he was right about.

Coogee kicked off the second half and right from the start they were putting us under a lot of pressure and our midfield ran their legs off themselves so much so Barry had to make changes every 5 minutes which didn’t help. But Cathal, Maggie, Geordie Dan and Gerry played very well when on the pitch. Cathal going off twice with injury, a third time and he was going to have to be fined…. any excuse to put money in the kitty.

About 15 minutes into the second half and Coogee were on the attack down the our right and there #10 who was causing us trouble the whole second half down our right turned Chris and got his cross over and Coogee got a goal back but everyone thought it was offside except for the only linesman if he opened his eyes fully he would have seen he was 2 yards off.

Coogee were constantly on the attack but Downer, Chris Neale, Steve and Chris were defending for their lives, so much so Downer went down with a touch of cramp not once but three times altogether and was forced to go off because Coogee were complaining, but he is 45 years old give him a break.

Not much goal action for Barnstoneworth in the second half and ten minutes from time they’d scored their second, again the #10 the mastermind of it. Coogee had about 4 corners one after the other and twice Chris clears off the line and Ken tips one onto the bar and Steve as well clears off the line great defending from them and we survive.

Barnstoneworth got going again and Adam was put through on goal only for him to do a Maradona but he didn’t get away with it cos he nearly caught it and got booked. 5 minutes to go and Tom goes on a run, plays Adam in who has Maggie to his right and plays him the ball nobody around him an the ball takes a bobble off the pitch and bounces over his foot as he attempts to control it! Certain goal if the pitch was any use.

Full time and it finishes 2-2 all in all fair result… We get our first point on the board and many more to come once they keep me fit.