Match Report: AA2 v Bondi (27/06/10)

Another Sunday afternoon and in desperate need of three points to take full advantage of the game in hand were yet to play against Coogee. The gaffer was well prepped seemingly making up the squad by whoever he first made eye contact with around the circle we’d gathered into. This is the only reason I can think for asking me to play as a striker up front with Abdul! The way the colour drained from my face probably didn’t instil the confidence Sean was looking for……………’Potter’ it is then, Mac bench !

Craig Foster was nowhere to be seen at kick off, apparently he’s escaped the clutches of the Russian Mafia despite the threats of “I brake your legsh” which we would come to see as a constant threat throughout the game !

Bondi Utd were clearly either deaf or stupid, not noticing Ian’s tick as fuck accent or our token aussie Garnsey, they branded the whole team Poms! Bondi are deaf and we’re soon to find out the Ref’s as blind as they come, apparently we’ve been given bad directions and somehow ended up in the Paralympics, anyway…………Russia v England it is…….lets get on with it !

The game kicks off but it’s a slow start by Barnstoneworth, something happened while on the phone to my sponsors, apparently not happy the Barnstoneworth kit doesn’t have three stripes on and it’s a goal to Bondi, 1-0 ! We still look half asleep and not keeping possession well enough to take control of the game a corner is awarded to Bondi, I don’t remember it but judging from the rest of the games decisions it probably should have been a goal kick. The corner comes over and a CLEAR handball by one of the Russian’s brings shouts from Dean for a free kick – this is swiftly followed by “I brake your legsh” aimed at the ref and a penalty is awarded……………its going to be a long game ! A good clean strike into the bottom right hand corner looks destined to make it 2-0 with only 15mins of the game played but an incredible save by our on loan goaly keeps us in it!

Sean feeling guilty for choosing me to play after making eye contact and instantly regretting his decision, decides to bring me on as a sub…….a huge roar goes up around Centennial Park for Barsnstoneworths best player (love writing the match report) !

Barnstoneworth are gaining more and more possession with Dan Taylor ignoring all “I brake your legsh” threats and winning every single header in the centre of the park leading to a barrage of attacks. I somehow manage to make a run to just outside the penalty area but my shooting abilities let me down and the ball’s skied over the bar (striker………..really !)

The pressure doesn’t stop and after a great long ball through to Abdul he chips over the keeper and into the net…………unfortunately the linesman has had the same treatment! Worried for his legs, he gives it offside and Sean politely thanks him for turning up and helping out, wishes him a good day and shakes his hand………….something like that anyway !

Just before half time and the ball is picked up just outside the area, an amazing shot’s lifted over the keeper to bring the game back to a draw, it hits the cross bar bounces BEHIND the line and comes back out again, the ref is the only person in the WORLD not to see that the ball landed a good couple of yards over the line and no goal is given……………………wait wait that was later on.

Half time comes at a terrible time as the last twenty minutes we were all over them and surely would have scored had we had another couple of hours to play with.

We don’t start the second half as we finished the first and with tiring legs the game gets even more scrappy. The Russian’s decide to turn Italian and display some of the most disgusting diving I’ve ever witnessed without Dieder Drogba being on a field! There was a shove in the face of Dan Taylor with only a yellow card shown and some awful invitation for Chris to go to Scruffy Murphys later ??????????? All this was to set a good example for the kids of course……………

With around 20 minutes to play we switch to a three man defence in an attempt to save the game. Unfortunately this leaves us open at the back and a play for offside failed, leaving Bondi clean through on goal 2-0.

We showed good spirit in the final 10mins, hitting the woodwork twice and a Dan Taylor header narrowly missing from a corner but the final whistle blew finishing 2-0 to Bondi Utd and our first defeat all season. It was a horrible game to play and felt like we were against 12 men for most of the game with every decision going against us.

Not the result we needed and definitely one to put behind us and be forgotten about, heads up and get prepped for our next game against Queens Park at home this Sunday, a must win against bottom of the league !

(Author – Mac)

MoM – Dan Taylor