Match Report: AA2 v Dunbar 20/06/10

match report right i really cant remember much of last weeks game note to myself, in future when asked to do match report, do it on the day. Right i am going to start the report off with a very touchy subject my blisters for anyone who has not seen them feel free to take a look any time, now blisters affect some people but not all, with blisters your best option is to use surgical sprits a guy i use to know with a funny accent and who starred in a show called brookside jimmy (sean) corkhill tolld me thats the best cure for blisters cheers jimmy. Right on a serious note last weeks game i heard prior to the game this dunbar shower were the dogs bollox and it would be a real test bring it on i said. In the first 15 to 20 mins we totally dominated the game some great passing and moving some good shots and all round well organised start. I dont really remember it but a reliable source tells me johnny gordon had a good effort on goal, in my opionion a good effort on goal is one that goes in but enough of that. Then we scored the best team goal this season which we made look really easy thats cause it is easy, a ball passed from defence to my feet a supreme first touch to get it under control even under the immense pain i had with my BLISTERS ha ha, quick turn and pass to the full of running abdul who as usual outpaced the defence and managed to put a great cross into the galloping jonesy who looked like red rum in full flight get out of his way at first i have to admit i thought he is going to hit the trees behind the goal with this one but as cool as you like he cooly and calmly side footed it into the net game on dogs bollox my arse we were showing them how to play the beautiful game. Its about now my mind starts to go cloudy about facts right half time and the usaul were doing well lads stay focused team talk. Right second half dont think we started off to bright which often is the case when we find ourselves in front we always seem to play better when behind something we need to look at. Start of a good move an early ball to feet move, to myself, who elegantly turned my man to release abdul bolt he is clean thru one on one, bearing in mind he scores we go 2 up which i think is game over for them but abdul decides he needs to be close enough to smell the keepers breath before shooting and another chance goes a begging abdul in that case 12 yards out shout much bigger angle if you ever need any one on one coaching fell free to ask. I am pretty sure after that miss they sensed they could cause us trouble and that they did but to be honest we gave them some help which is probably in my eyes our biggest downfall last 30 mins of most games we seem to switch off and let teams back into games we really need to try stay focused for the 90 mins if we can myself included. Right back to the game one thing i do remember, is the miles jonesy, aka red rum was getting through, i was out of breath just looking at him and we will miss him big time this week but going by englands form he could be back sooner than later, come on you germans all is forgiven if you knock england out lol..i cant really remember their goal and dont want to. I do remember we started to rally towards the last 15 mins or so and threw the kitchen sink at them but just could not break them down. So my friends it’s on this note i will leave you, i know the match report leaves a lot to be desired like some of our passing and finishing but hopefully in time they will both improve see, you Sunday gents.

(Author – Ian R)

MoM – Jonesy