Match Report: AA2 v Maccabi 16/05/2010

There was an air of confidence around the team when I first turned up to Mission Fields, solid training session on Wednesday, the gaffer had psyched us up with his typical mid-week motivational email to the team claiming we had plenty of players (15) so we can rotate, we’d finally get a chance to score some goals and 3 or 4 nil would be an achievable result. Alas we only had 11 players (including Sean) with Chris Neale on bench in case some one needed his magic sponge.

Without Chris playing there wasn’t the traditional warm up of running up and down the pitch then playing piggy in the middle so Ben instigated a new technique called the Human Caterpillar that he learnt down Oxford Street. Jonesy clearly preferred this after turning up hungover and not looking like he wanted to run far.

There were a couple of surprises before kick-off:

· Abdul turned up on time sporting a beautiful pair of leather trousers

· Brian was sober for the second weekend on the trot

· Ben kissed a girl and he liked it (might have been the weekend before)

It was Sean’s first start of the season and he was clearly nervous after dropping three logs been kick off, hopefully this wouldn’t show in the game (it did). The pre-match talk really did the trick this week in front of the sticks…he asked for an early goal which was delivered within the first couple of minutes and to score several more….job done, what else could a manager ask for? Big Mac and Fries or maybe not to concede every time we get a one goal advantage he’d have to settle for the Big Mac today….

the goals…..

Goal 1 – Barnstoneworth – great running in the box by Abdul to force there centre back to put it in his own net

Goal 2 – Maccabi – shocking decision by the stand in referee who allowed play to continue after making Abdul’s throw-ins look legitimate

Goal 3 – Barnstoneworth – Abdul scored cant remember what happened so we’ll say it was similar to a goal by George Weah for AC. Picked up the ball at the edge of our area, went round several players and slotted it home. Goal of the season contender

Goal 4 – Maccabi – cross in to the box, defence header dropped to midfielder outside the box, hit it straight at Brian….Brian throws it in to his net 2-2

Goal 5 – Barnstoneworth – Ben G corner middle of the goal Dan Taylor raises like a salmon, BOOM, back of the net….text book Dan Taylor except he scored

Half time 3-2 loads for Sean to consider….which is the greatest games console ever made? which tshirt to wear to the coach tonight? orange, white, navy blue, sky blue, cornflower blue, yale blue, tiffany blue, international klein blue, Bleu de France Gola top. His options are endless but after picking his outfit for the night he analysed the half and came to the conclusion that we were doing well if we just stop conceding. John Barnes and Barry Venison would have been proud of his analytical skills and ability to read the game. With only a man flu infected Chris Neale and John Gordon who’d just finished a half marathon there was no change for the second half.

Goal 6 – Maccabi – great strike from outside the box Brian had no chance….tom might have got there

Goal 7 – Barnstoneworth – John Gordon fresh from a half marathon shows great composure to slot it in the bottom left hand corner….is there time for any more? Sadly not

Football was the real winner today with edge of your seat action and this clearly got round Centennial Park as we had out biggest attendance yet…. there was at least 23 spectators who clearly got value for money with 7 goals and the return of Sean McGuinness to first team football.

Thanks sports fans….

(Author – Potter)

MoM – Ian / Dan (Tied vote)