Match Report AA2 v Pagewood 10/06/12

Barnstoneworth Vs Pagewood

Honours were even again in the second 2-2 draw between Barnstoneworth and Pagewood this season. Barnstoneworth again would see this result as two points dropped after another piece of bad luck 5 minutes from time.

After a shocking nights weather in which 10 metres of rain fell between 7pm on Saturday and continued through until the end of the game, Barnstoneworth AA2’s were not the only ones surprised by the decision to let the game go ahead. But also the AA4’s who played before hand had to contend with one side of the pitch that resembled a swimming pool.

It was perhaps the overnight weather which led some of the players to believe that the match would not be going ahead and therefore choose to stay away, Gary Stark and Paul Jones feeling the effects of a day at work and a big night out leading to hamstring trouble and the sh1ts respectively, both letting the manager know in advance.

A 2pm meeting time (a whole hour before the start of the game) seemed too much for one player, deciding he’d much rather watch the Bradley Vs. Pacquiao fight in the Coach, turning up a full 10 minutes into the first half. And another two players finding themselves arriving back from a Warehouse party at 1pm, deciding that silence would be the best thing as they clearly passed out on returning home, probably thinking the game was going to be played on Monday.

After the manger’s rant to all the other players “no one turns up to f@ckin training, no one f@cking warms up properly, if you can’t be arsed to even let me know that you’re not going to make it, you can all f@ck off” the game kicked off.

And what a game!

With the majority of the side British and Irish, this pitch and the weather was made for Barnstoneworth, sliding tackles a plenty, long shots and rebounds, miss-controlling the ball etc. However none of this seemed to be going positive for the red and whites as Pagewood dominated first half proceedings.

Shots however were few and far between and certainly from far out. Baker the first to have a go from a full 30 yards only for the keeper to pluck out the air! The manager then having another chance after being put through by Smith, but could only find the keepers out stretched leg.

It was Cogley in the BUFC goal who was the busiest though, pulling off a string of saves. But it was a rasping shot from just outside the area as BUFC backed off, skimming off the turf at the near post which proved unstoppable and in the back of the net. 1-0 to Pagewood which was deserved.

Back in the sheds at half time, and the players were still upbeat, despite being 1-0 down. We talked about using the swamp side of the pitch to our advantage and reading when the ball was going to stick, and that’s exactly what happened.

Gerry McEneaney, usually Bambi on ice was in his element today, wining sliding tackle after sliding tackle and playing with a smile on his face. And within 5 minutes of the re-start Barnstoneworth were on level terms, a ball over the top of midfield stuck in the swamp, McEneaney winning the ball, getting it wide to Smith and with a bouncing ball into Andrea, the little Italian executed an excellent turn and looping half volley into the top corner.

BUFC had their tales up now, and it wasn’t long until they had their muddy noses in front. Pagewood failing to clear, the ball dropping to Dan Taylor who it a thunderous drive over the b…… wait, this shot was on target, oh well, the keeper’s got it. Actually, the shock on Taylor’s face said it all, the ball nestling in the bottom corner! 2-1

The game should have been there for the taking, a number of chances going begging and BUFC were left to rue those missed opportunities as Pagewood, never out of the game equalised, another long range effort clipping off a red and white defender sending an already committed Cogley the wrong way. 2-2 with only 5 minutes to go.

Although a cruel end, a draw was probably the fair result with both teams dominating 45 minutes each. Barnstoneworth looked dangerous going forward with the new look formation and with a bit of luck defending might just get a bit better in the future too.

Man of the match: Bambi, with his 2nd MOM of the season for pure work rate and determination, winning 100% of sliding tackles, helping to get the opening goal and for refusing to wash the kit despite being the main culprit for its 6 hour stint in Dan Taylors Laundry!