Match Report: AA2 v Sydney Uni (25/07/10)

After a recent run of form where we (except Granty / Barry Evans) were scoring freely and not conceding were hopefully of another three points against Sydney Uni however, this could put us top of the league and will we crack under pressure (name the artist who featured in Queens version of this hit song? )??

Without Chrisie (Holiday) and Sean (I’ll get to that) there wasn’t much of a warm up. We opted for a game of keepy ups which I’m sure terrified the opponents as we managed a total of five. Abdul was picking up Sean, and in traditional style, Abdul was late. They rocked up with a couple of minutes to go with Abdul still putting his shirt on whilst we were kicking off. Great leadership from our manager.

We started brightly, which made a refreshing change (advertising slogan for Strongbow cider [I like putting things in cider] which is brewed for gays [low alcohol] under Bulmers – insert missing word) and put the Uni under early pressure by some simple passing and players running in to space. 5 minutes in to the 1st half Potter almost sets a new record for the fastest 15 meter sprint but pulls up with a hamstring injury. The crowd are clearly concerned; will he live? How will the team carry on without him? Are there three sober Irish guys on the pitch? Luckily it was only a strain and with lots of deep heat…..the game continued. It was mainly one way traffic with Uni not really creating any chances and Brian was so confident that he was playing chicken with two of their players.

The first goal is some what of blur and it was Abdul who scored. Think there was a mistake by their goal keeper…either way, 1-0 for some good Barnstoneworth pressure.

Jonsey almost turns his awful cross in to a goal. Dreadful cross bounces extremely high and with some woeful goal keeping and dreadful defending it just bounces over the bar – shame.

Goal 2 was a lot slicker with the ball going wide to Ben G, Ben G looks up, spots Jonsey making a run in to box and crosses the perfect ball. The cross had all the information on it and Jonsey out jumps two players and nods the ball in to the goal. 2-0 we were looking in control and it was shame the half time whistle blew as one more goal may have killed them off.

A lot of back slapping at half time as we seemed to be in control and no one was arguing on the pitch. Sean made a tactical change replacing birchy as he was clearly showing signs of exhaustion. Sean’s options were slim as both Ian and Dan were carrying injuries.

In less than 60 seconds of the second half Sydney Uni were back in it. They crossed it from deep to the left wing where it was crossed back to the centre of the goal, an outstretched leg made it 2-1. This was now a really test of character as Sydney Uni lifted their heads and were starting to play some better football.

Brian made a fantastic save during the second half from a header. He just managed to tip it behind for a corner – probably the save of the season.

There was a lot more long balls in the second half as the passing football started to decrease. We managed to get a third (goal scorer Granty) midway through the second half which made things a bit more comfortable but Sydney Uni still continued to pressure until the final whistle.

Final score 3-1. Great result with some excellent football at times.

Coogee this weekend!

Author: Potter

MoM – John Gordon