Match Report: AA2 v UNSW (13/06/10)

It’s a bit foggy now as this game was a whole two weeks ago and i’ve drunk a fair bit of beer since the day that the UNSW guys came back to town, but we shall see how it goes.

With Potter and Ben having headed off to the World Cup it meant that the team was down a couple of personnel and with Dene not yet realising that the league had actually started in earnest, (he was off gallivanting with his own newly wedded wife – unlike John Terry) that meant we were down to about 13. The opposition on the other hand, had dragged a few blokes in from elsewhere, and even though they didn’t have a couple of their cards, it was ‘game on’.

The UNSW guys were off to a flyer, and erm, quite frankly, they absolutely walked all over us for the first 25 minutes, great saves from Brian not withstanding, the rest of the defence was having major issues dealing with the two UNSW forwards. They were all movement and were cutting us to shreds more or less at will. The curly headed bloke had a great chance from 25 yards and only because we have the best keeper in the league did we manage to keep the ball out. The other bloke, who was very generous, even offered to sodomize me, alas when that didn’t provoke the desired response, he proceeded to whinge and cry throughout the whole game every time we tackled him. Shame really, decent player, but obviously thinks he’s so good people aren’t really allowed to tackle him, a la that pr*ck Ronaldo.

Baker was taken off after 15 minutes and young Mac, freshly recovered from his metatarsal injury (or so we thought) replaced him and was soon in the game with a couple of great runs down the left, in a rare moments of BUFC pressure. At this point we were lucky it was still 0-0 and were desperately trying to get our shape and string some passes togther.

Anyway, just as it looked as though we were finally starting to get back into the game, disaster struck, Chris Neale has the ball, and is travelling well, alas he was moving in the wrong direction, and like an episode of keystone kops we collided, he’s wider than he looks that Chis Neale fella. UNSW are through, 18 yards out, both central defenders lying in a heap on the floor, a great strike, a better save, and alas the ball rebounds to the other UNSW attacker who finishes well, though Brian got something on it, but couldn’t keep it out. 1-0[:(]

So then, finally after half an hour we actually did start to create a few chances here and there though nothing clear cut. Then with five mins to go a diagonal ball and Ian lashes the ball in from fully 25 yards out. Out of the blue and a great finish 1-1, the relief was invigorating, and we were right back in it. Alas half time arrived just a couple of minutes later and that put paid to our efforts for a while.

2nd half, and we’re keen as mustard, but so are the UNSW guys, and for the first five minutes it’s UNSW putting us under pressure but a couple of clearing headers and we started to dominate. It’s one way traffic now and UNSW with just eleven men have faded badly, having just periodic attacks that are easily mopped up by the defence. We’re so far on top, the ball comes to me, i turn the attacker and the ball bounces up and hit’s me on the hand, whistle blows. Cue, dummy spit of huge proportions and i turn and boot the ball further than i ever would in a normal game (and straight as well), yellow card, Doh! Still, it did give almost everyone on the pitch a good laugh. I wouldn’t mind so much but you can’t normally get a penalty for love nor money and if i’d been in the box instead of on the half way line, i doubt the ref would have blown.

10 minutes go by, Jonesy is on the pitch and is running riot, but we just can’t get the ball in the net, corners, shots, crosses, nothing is finding the target, as has so often been the case this season, but we keep trying. A couple of breaks fom UNSW are snuffed out with the minimum of fuss, until someone calmly intercepts the ball on the edge of the area and plays the ball back towards goal where Brian promptly picks it up. UNSW are celebrating like mad, indirect free kick 6 yards out….the kick is taken, and Brian storms out of his goal and bravely gets his face in the way of the ball, it’s a good job he’s got a great personality!

Time is running out and we sure we’re going to get a result, but alas it wasn’t to be, with even the crossbar saving the UNSW skins.

A disappointing result in the end, but after the way we started, probably a fair one, though we probably 10 or 15 good chances in the 2nd half. Another draw to add to the collection, but we’re still in with a shout more or less, we just need to be a bit more ruthless in front of goal.

All references to people, places or incidents contained within this report, are not factual, and represent just a beer induced hazy recollection of actual events. Any complaints, see your Manager.

(Author – Sean M)

MoM – Ian (though surely it was Brian)