Match Report AA3 v Queens Park R 29/06/14

Queens ParkAA3R 0 -3 Barnstoneworth united

It was a massive one this weekend a must win to keep the momentum going from the past few weeks. From all the injuries and lads missing it was going to be a real test.

Started like every other Sunday Barry got his little right hand man (Scrappy doo) to collect all the fines from the late arrivals, with 90% of the team late every week is going to be a good piss up at the end of year.

Starting 11 Ken (in goals) Dan Elles ( leftback) Ste (right back) Mark, Rosco ( Centre Backs) Pasty ,Dave (centre mid) Anal (just in front) Butsy (left) Bren ( right) Barry ( up top)  on the bench Mango and duck back from injury. Missing this week Gerry, Nick, John and downer don’t have a clue if any of that is correct but I’m going with it.

The game started lively with both teams full of energy. It was probably 10 minutes into the game and Barry subs himself, comes off moaning about how he done abit of running on Wednesday at training and his legs are sore. We all know Barry we do it every week. On comes Mango, Bren on his back straight away because he’s not running on fast enough. Mango quickly shows he knows what he’s doing with the first to strike with a turn and volley from close range.GOAL…… Barney boys 1 up!!!!

Butsy was unlucky with a great chip from a tight angle only for the wind to blow it away from goal. Queens Park had a long range effort that took an awkward bounce in front of Ken. Knowing nothing about it he still managed to put it around the post. There was a few more chances from Queens park but Pasty was on hand stopping shots with his face….losing teeth……we love you Pasty.

After that I was messing around on Tinder hoping to find love like Ste wheelo missed a good 10 mins of the game. No matches and no more goals

Half Time.

It was one of the more tame half times I’ve seen at the club with the lads talking about the first half rather than screaming at each other.

Second half sees no changes apart from big Sammy coming on as replacement referee.

Barry is shitting himself now asking me every 2 minutes how long has gone. The lads create chance after chance but having no success in front of goal. We need another 1 to kill them off. Then a ball floated over the queens park defence to the back post is headed back out for Bren to catch it on the volley, from outside the box. I know it and he definitely knows he won’t score another one like this again. OFFSIDE….. HAHA Nightmare!!

The persistence finally pays off with Mango through in goal decides to square it to butsy who just makes it was a slide tackle GOAL……. to make it 2.0 Barnstoneworth. This is when I really lost interest was bloody freezing now. Did see anal turn on the style though turning there left back inside out showing that he’s not as stupid as he looks with that haircut.

Closing stages of the match and a ball comes in at pace in the queens park box. Handball PENALTY!!!

After the abuse Sammy gets is finished up steps Patsy who puts it to the keepers right. GOAL… Keeper guesses right but fails to keep it out….. We love you patsy. Ken would have stopped it!!

Final whistle sounds final score queens park 0-3 Barnstoneworth

Great win boys keep this up and it’s ours!!

For the boys who didn’t come back to the pub you missed out on a great set of tits and some pizzas.