AA4 Match Report v Pagewood 18/4/10

The Barnstoneworth third team was keen to reverse their shocking start to the season with a strong performance against Pagewood at home. Coach Rooney drafted more players, covering losses due to injury and absence, giving the team a full squad to draw from.

The team made their intentions clear from the start and was rewarded with a goal after 10 minutes. Tight defensive play, assisted by key performances from Paul Jones and Gavin in the middle, and a strong attacking line up provided the chances that gave the team a 3 v 0 lead at half time. All goals came from new draft, Billy the Whizz.

The second half started much the same as the first and it wasn’t long before Barnstoneworth added a 4th to the scoresheet. However, Pagewood rallied and scored shortly after.

Barnstoneworth added a fifth from a set piece, and Pagewood benefited from two questionable decisions (including a penalty) to bring the final score to 5 v 3.

Man of the match: Billy the Whizz (for his 4 goals)