AA4 Match Report v Glebe 2/5/10

It was week 4 of the season, and by the way we played in the first half of this game, casual onlookers would of thought that we were a random bunch of ex-pats, dragged together for a meaningless kick-about.  It was not pretty.  The basics of the beautiful game had gone straight out of the window, and even the simple 10-yard pass was made to look difficult.

On a more positive note, the Bondi Vet was as solid as the proverbial dog’s de-sexing at the back, and with special guest from the over 35’s Marcel Marceau miming heroics between the sticks when required it would have been a tough result to swallow if we had ended up losing the game.

The scoring should have started in the first half after Hammer-time floated a free kick to the back stick.  The well-placed ball was met by a leaping striker that ended up putting the ball high over the bar onto Rainbow Street, a very poor effort by his own high standards. The remainder of the half was a constant flow of high balls into no-man’s land that resulted in no other clear-cut chances.

At half time, it was suggested that we try and revert to the basics and fortunately for us all, things did improve.

It pains me to say it, but Roonaldo had a really good second half, he was all over the place, more of which I will talk about in a bit.  Wildman Massey made some crucial blocks and tackles to prevent scoring opportunities and generally the whole side improved.

The goal did eventually come after a powerful break down the right hand flank by that man Roonaldo. His cross was delivered straight into the danger zone and despite the presence of two defenders, the third team’s newest striker “The Phantom” managed to stick a toe out and prod it into the top corner, a real poacher’s goal!!!!

Another headed chance was spooned over the bar again by Mr 50p Head later on in the half, but apart from that, chances were few and far between.

Wildman Massey defied the odds to cross a wonderful ball to the back post, (which nobody thought would make it) that only needed a tap in and the Bondi Vet almost produced another wonder-cross but 1-0 remained the final score.

There were a few pretty scary moments in the last 15 minutes in our own penalty box, and some players really need to adhere to the old saying of, “If in doubt, kick the fucking thing out!!!!” but I’m sure the manager will address this at a later stage.

All in all, it was a hard fought victory, and it’s these sorts of games we have to win if we are to be in contention for finals football this season. Well done lads, we can still only get better as a team and that really is encouraging for the rest of the year.

Man of the Match for Me: Paul “the Bondi Vet”
Very close second : Marcel Marceau
And a very painful third: Dave R “Roonaldo”

See you all on Sunday