AA4 v Dunbar 07/04/13

2013 looks to be a promising year ahead for the 3rds with the addition of some talented new recruits even if the trial games have not gone totally to plan. After going so close in previous years the team is expecting big things and are hoping to have 80% of the team sober on match day unlike the friendlies where 80% were still steaming drunk from the night before.

Kickoff sounds and we are versus an old rival in Dunbar United. Pressing forward early and showing great composure from the slightly aggressive tackles from the opposition. Finally a free kick from about 35 yards, Dan ‘Bananaman’ Eeles steps up and strikes it sweetly. The 7 foot keeper has this covered as its looping into the top left corner, up until the point that he forgets that he is a keeper and lets the ball drop just below the post and it hits the back of the nets. 1-0 and Bananaman has us off to the best possible start.

Another free kick from 35 yards for BUFC and Dan steps up again, beats the keeper again only for the ball not to drop and hit the crossbar, unlucky to the ball didn’t drop for someone to smash it home.
And another free kick this time from 25 yards, Bananaman again, beats the keeper again but hits the bloody crossbar again, still 1-0 and all the attacking going our way.

Dunbar lift their game and they are finding large holes through the centre of the park but with our rock solid defence from Joey, Joe, Fergs & Barry they are soon trying new attacking ways. They take a corner and the ball is whipped in low, takes a few bobbles off bodies and then when its not cleared off our line Dunbars midget striker taps it in at the back post. 1-1 and the words that followed from the mouths of the new gaffers Gav & Wynton can’t be written on any website or forum due to the simple fact they would receive 20 years behind bars.

Another 10 minutes of Dunbar pushing forward and they are awarded another corner. Exactly the same occurrence and with the ball bobbling around they just wanted it a little more and goal. 2-1 to Dunbar.
A few changes and Brendan goes in for his 1st challenge front on and studs up. I seriously thought Brendan might be able to spend more time at the pub in coming weeks just like he did the night before an 11oclock kickoff as this was sure to be a red card. No, just a free kick and Brendan lives to play next week if he actually turns up to a game.

Half time blows and the new gaffers are not happy. Some harsh words and a reality check for the team thinking they will just walk it in and take home the glory this year.

Second half kicks off and like the first its fairly even but with BUFC finding more room and looking dangerous, 20 minutes in and its time for the old gaffer to sort out the midfield. Gav Roberts comes on the field and with his 2nd touch, 1st being to stop the ball(he’s not that good), he puts through a stinging ball to which Nick gliding past the last defender almost gazelle like(after dropping about 40kgs from last year) taps the ball and beats the ginormous man keeper. Wow, 2-2.

Now it’s a game.

Its all BUFC, plenty of attacking up the left and right side until another set piece for Dunbar. They strike it nicely enough but then the dreaded bobbling ball in the box and its smashed into the back of our net.
Another 5 urgent minutes of attacking from the boys in the red and white stripes but to no avail. It’s a first round loss and no one is happy. Time to straighten out this evil bobbling ball and maybe we will turn these results of losing by 1 goal into winning by 2+. Man of the match was by our new shot stopper Billy who had a great day in the sticks even though he let in 3 he saved a hell of a lot more and the old saying is, its got to get past 10 others before it gets past him.