Match Report AA4 v Lokomotiv B

It was a lush day for football at Turruwul Park, not too hot or cold, the sun was glary but other then that conditions were perfect. It was to Barnstoneworth to kick off and just before they did the Ref (The Tache) noticed their star striker Nick was carrying a weapon, he rushed over and immediately confiscated his favourite elastic band that was around his wrist. He thought he’d have someone’s eye out or at the very least make someone cry but luckily he never found the knuckle duster Ro had strapped to his balls, the game kicked off. BUFC immediately pushed forward but were failing to string the final passes and were losing possession upfront. But then more controversy The Tache spotted another player this time on Loco’s side carrying another WMD, he blew his whistle and made the poor chap remove his spectacles, he must’ve thought that he’d open someone’s jugular with them like in the Godfather part 3, the poor lad was more or less blind now, they decided to keep an eye on him for fear he’d do himself injury. Play continued and Wes was roughing up the opposition on the left flank and had a one two down the line with Ed but it was knocked out for another throw-in. Most of BUFC’s plays in the first half were being knocked out for throw-in’s, especially near the corners. BUFC were failing to receive the ball from these throw-in’s as Loco’s defence were doing well to clear them. Defensively BUFC looked strong to, with big Joe ruling the roost clearing balls left right and centre, Wynton and Anders did much the same and Chris in defensive centre midfield ever the Ring Master was getting stuck in and communicating with everyone as always.

BUFC struck in or around the 20th minute, when the ball was played in by Ro from the right wing to Fergal who passed the ball to Nick and with Ed getting behind the two defenders Nick duly channelled the ball through to his feet, Nick shouted ‘your in’ however the goal keeper made a dashing two foot sliding challenge just as he tried to shoot and the ball was knocked out, only to fall kindly to the feet of Nick, and he, as prolific as Prince, coolly scooped the ball into the unguarded bottom left corner of the net, twas 1-0 to BUFC.

BUFC got stuck straight back in after the whistle, Ro gave a nice long ball pass into the right corner but Ed just couldn’t get onto it, BUFC seemed to be failing on the last post again.

Loco had their opportunities to, their star striker ‘Lucky’ nearly scored, after a long ball from their right flank was played in, Lucky rose like a breaching great white and headed the ball nicely but it hit the cross bar and was knocked out of play by the good Al, the stand in Goal Keeper, for one off many of the matches corners.

The Tache was giving a lot of frees to the opposition for some mild challenges in particular by Wynton, for some strange reason, who he may have had an altercation with in a previous life, or in some RSL club one night.

Ed decided to check on the lad who had his spectacles taken but he wasn’t the only one, his team mate asked him was he ok and he said “I can’t see and now I can’t move my arms”, this fella shouldn’t have been left outdoors let alone play in a football match against Barnstoneworth, he was advised to go off so he did.

The Gaffer made some substitutions for the last 15 of the first half, Dan and Bren came on to replace Nick and Ed up front and the game commenced. The two boys made an immediate impact with Bren fighting tough to win possession and passing to Dan, Dan then beat the defence and made a decent chance for himself on the right post but failed to hit the target.

The first half nearly finished without anymore controversy, when Ro was booked for using a particular form of french that The Tache did not like, in this day and age come on?
The Tache blew it up for the first half and BUFC knew they should be at least 3 up.

Some more substitutions at half time were made, Tony came on to replace Wes on the left flank, Gaz for Ro on the right, Mark for Chris in the centre and Ed back on for Bren who dropped back.

Ed tried to feed Dan in three times but the the passes lacked accuracy. Dan then on his own from outside the box had two or three good efforts but never hit the target. Dan dropped back and Nick came back on upfront with Ed and soon played another nice through ball that had him in on the right with two defenders in front he miss kicked the ball and it bobbled wide, fuckin shit!

Gaz had a good effort from about 35 yards which swerved to the left of the post,

Dave Rees came on for Ed in the last 20 minutes

Mark and Fergal battled well in midfield and were winning back a lot of possession.

Chances were a plenty, Nick chested down a high ball played in with his back to the goal, he turned gracefully like Billy Elliot but drove the ball high an over, he knew he should’ve done better.
He had two more low driven efforts from outside the box but none troubled the keeper, who was looking more and more in pain and was having difficulty standing up, this Loco crowd are a merciless bunch.

Tony was playing great on the left beating players and laying the ball off to the forwards, but at one point the Tache who’s tolerance for swearing was none existent threatened Tony for the improper use of the word ‘fuck’ and actually took a red card out of his pocket to warn him off.

BUFC’s hearts half sunk when they conceded a free kick inside the box, but to their delight the ball was booted high and wide. Chris came on to go in goals for the last 15 minutes.

Anders had a ball land at his feet from open play in front of the right of goal but blasted over.

The Tache gave another free kick in the last 5 minutes just outside the box, BUFC held their breaths but your mans effort was not worth the divot he made and the ball moped wide.

BUFC held out for the remaining minutes then the Tache blew the final whistle, HURRAY! another 3 points to BUFC who top the table now.

BUFC squandered many chances through out the match and were hitting lots of balls high and wide against a keeper who could barely stand up towards the end,
also they seemed to be playing at Loco’s level when they are so much better, they’ll need to play to Dunbar’s level and more in the next game to beat them.