AA4 v QP B 14/04/13

BUFC 1 – Queen’s Park FC B 4 at Paine Reserve on Sunday 14th April at 3pm.

It is always strange playing against a “B” team. Does playing for a “B” team mean that you weren’t good enough for the “A” team? Or does that particular club have so many players that they can field two teams of equal standard in the same league? What happens when the “B” team plays the “A” team? Does a boring 0-0 draw ensue with no shots, no fouls, and thus no yellow or red cards? (Doctor T – please focus on the last five words of that rhetorical question). Do the two teams just have a nice kick-around with some genteel conversations the only notable highlight? These thoughts and more filled the minds of the Barney Boys as they strolled down to Paine Reserve.

As the AA4 lads gathered at the House of Paine, word quickly spread that the opposition had some ex-Premier League players in their ranks. By ex-Premier League players I mean the NSW Premier League. Speaking of actual ex-Premier League players, Gav Roberts mentioned he had once played against David Hillier. David Hillier (born December 18, 1969) is an English former professional footballer who made 104 appearances for Arsenal and scored two goals. Dan Eeles was intrigued. He asked Gav: “Was he any good like, what was his craic like, could he play football like?” Gav answered: “Nah, he was shite”. Dan wasn’t surprised and concluded: “Aye, howay the lads and all that like, Arsenal are shite like, the fog on the Tyne is all mine, the fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine, the fog on the Tyne is all mine.”

Wynners and Gav went with a 4-4-2 formation. Billy the Kid in goals, Joe O’ Shaughnessy at right-back, GI Jane Adams and Anders Westlife at Centre-Half with Blake’s of the Hollow (famous bar in Enniskillen, Barry) at left-back. Ferg and Dan were in the middle with I’m going to live forever (aka Wes) on the left wing and Dr. Quinn – Medicine Woman (aka Tony) on the right wing. The Legion of Doom was upfront – Nick Heather and Johnny Rodeo. The game started at a frantic pace and we were under some pressure from the get-go. The opposition converted their early pressure into a goal – and a shite goal at that. 1-0 down.

The AA4 lads did not let their heads down and responded almost immediately. Johnny Rodeo was played through by Dan. Johnny did well to control the ball and run almost 30 metres with the ball before slipping the ball past the on-rushing ‘keeper. 1-1 and we were right back in the game. The game was fairly even for the next twenty minutes. As we approached half-time, the opposition’s ‘keeper booted the ball down field (he had some kick on him). The ball bounced once before the right-winger connected with a deft touch – looping the ball over Billy the Kid into the back of the net. In fairness it was a good finish. If we had have scored that goal it would have been a great goal but because they scored the goal it can only be described as good. 1-2 at half-time.

In the second half, the Barney Boys pushed and pushed for the equalizer. Chances came and went. As the half wore on, we became more desperate and threw bodies forward at every opportunity. Most of the lads went up for a corner with ten minutes left. The ball was cleared and the opposition counter-attacked. Matt was courageous in this defence but was out-numbered by the on-rushing attack. They scored and we were 1-3 down. In the last five minutes they also scored from a corner. 1-4 the final score. The scoreline did not reflect the game and we should have had a draw at least. In fairness to the opposition they did mention this fact as the teams departed. Two games and two defeats. As D-REAM once sang: “Things can only get better, Can only get better.”

Man of the Match: Joe Adams – some courageous defending. Won the majority of headers as well – their keeper had that big a boot it never went near mid-field so Joe had to clear them all from defence!

Great effort: Dan Eeles – kept possession well and set-up Johnny with a beautiful through-ball for our goal.

Comic highlight of the match: The conversation regarding David Hillier. Who would have thought David Hillier would have gotten a mention at a BUFC football match? Good man David, you made a lasting impression on Gav Roberts anyway.

Fergal L T Gallagher.