Match Report AA4 v Coogee 13/07/14

A severely depleted squad turned up at blustery Heffron Park to take on Coogee in what promised to be a clash of two of the worst teams in the league. We just about managed to get 12 players, and Coogee were down to the bare 11 which says a lot about how both teams seasons appear to have panned out. Flanno in the sticks, a back three of Joe, Bull and Fergs, midfield consisted of Wes, Chris, Sean and Wynton, Ewan, Marty and Dan up front, and voyeur Dan watching from the sidelines.

Playing against the wind in the first half and naturally it was mostly Coogee doing the attacking, as we defended, though we did have a couple of good moves, most notably ending in a cross from the right that Dan Hogan just couldn’t manage to steer into the goal.

We conceded a lot of free kicks around the outside of the box and it was from one of these wind assisted punts that the ball ended up in the back of the net. Predictable, but 1-0 down in those conditions felt like we’d done enough to take the game to Coogee in the 2nd half.

2nd half started well and we spent the first 15 mins camped in the Coogee box fully expecting to equalise at any given moment. Alas it just wasn’t to be, our final ball just wasn’t clinical enough and in a rare foray forward Coogee scored a 2nd. A melee in the box resulting in players lying down on the floor and preventing the ball from being cleared and it was poked into the corner 0-2.

We finally got a goal our pressure deserved when we bypassed midfield when Dan hoofed the ball long and Ewan got on the end of it and nodded it over the head of the stranded goalkeeper. 1-2

Unfortunately, time ran out and the game finished 1-2. Coogee were delighted, we were not.

Hopefully the referee will go home and read his rule book as he’s obviously missed a couple of chapters, as he believes deliberate handball is not a booking, but pointing out a player who has played your striker onside, classifies as dissent.

In fact ref, here it is,

Y1 Unsporting behaviour
Late Tackle
Deliberate Tripping
Deliberate Hand Ball
Foul Tackle From behind
Holding an Opponent