Match Report AA4 V Maccabi 06/07/14

Wonder if you’ll fit into the footballing ethos of the current 3rd Team ? Use the handly little questionnaire below and see.

I have the ball in a good attacking position, do I
A: Lump the ball aimlessly towards the goal
B: Pass to the unmarked team-mate 5 yards away
C: Keep running until I’m so tired I kick the ball out of play

The opposition pump a long ball goalwards, do i
A: Watch the ball bounce before deciding what to do
B: Attack the ball to stay in control of the situation
C: Decide not to bother defending as it’s much more fun going forward

I don’t get the ball when clearly in the best position, again and again, do i
A: Shake my head in dismay
B: Flap my arms around like a ballet dancer
C: Offer some constructive advice to my fellow team-mates

I am a defender, should I
A: Defend first and foremost
B: Bypass midfield completely because they’re just standing in my way of ultimate glory
C: Play champagne long balls because it makes me look good

I play for the BUFC 3rd Team, won 4, lost 7, drawn 1, am I
A: Probably not as good as I think I am
B: Over the hill and definitely not as good as I think I am
C: Completely under-rated by my fellow team-mates


And one for the referees

I am 20 yards from play, two players tussle for the ball and it goes out for a throw, do i
A: Give a throw in to BUFC
B: Give a throw in to Maccabi
C: Give a throw to BUFC, and then change my decision at the behest of Maccabi who have pointed out that the linesman who is fully 60 yards away has given a throw in their favour.