Match Report AA4 v Mascot Kings 25/07/14

Mascot v Bufc 25/07/2014

It was top v bottom in this re-arranged game and both sides looked to have a number of changes since the last time we played out a 0-0 draw just six weeks ago.

The game kicks off and BUFC have started well. There are a couple of cultured balls from Chris down the right to Ewan and Sam. Joe Adams is having an impact in his ‘floating role’. Ewan is seeing a lot of the ball down the right.

Niall has a shot that just about reaches the goal.

Joe Adams all 6’7″ of him tries and overhead kick when the ball is 3ft off the ground, and somehow manages to get a decent connection on the ball.

Good defending from Ewan.

Mascot No.11 dives and the ref awards him a free kick but gives him a telling off for exaggerating the contact, the ball is in the box, Chris makes three tackles, the ball goes out to the edge of the box, Mascot play it back into the centre of the pitch which leads to another free kick. The kick is taken and it somehow sneaks into the corner 0-1 despite Flanno getting a hand to it.

2 mins later and it should be 0-2 as they cut open the defense, play the ball across goal and the unmarked striker just has to put it in, but Flanno redeems himself saving a certain goal.

Niall almost gets on a chance after more good work from Ewan and Sam. Free kick on the edge of the box after Wynton brings his man down as Mascot play counter attacking football but it sails just wide.
Joe Adams sterling defensive work chasing his man back and refusing to give up, unfortunately he gifts the chance to Maccabi, forwards and one of them balloons it over.

No.22 has a moan, then gets booked for a deliberately late challenge. Barry (on for Joe) balloons that one over.

Maccabi break again and there’s a simple ball through the middle, Chris ball watching, as Niall struggles to keep up with his man, 2-0.

Stu has a shot when he could slip Ewan in, that’s forwards for you.

Barry wins a corner, which he whips in audaciously, reminiscent of their training antics of yesteryear, when obviously Wes wasn’t around and Wes misses the ball from two yards. Another corner, free header for Joe, over the bar.

Thunderous tackle from Sam, Ewan down the right, to Niall who kicks the ball out of play.

Mascot get some more joy down the right, it’s a chance to make it 3, terrible shot. Half time.

Early Mascot pressure, corner to Maccabi, 3-0 from a free header. Wynton shouted, missed the ball, and Nialls man buried it.

Late challenge from No.22 on Ewan again, free kick comes to nothing.

Great work from Sam in the centre, takes it wide, whips it in, Wes strikes it high and wide. Nice bit of work from Ross and Joe Adams and Wynton, but a ball in the to Stu is too high to get under control. Ross almost gets on the ball after good work from Stu, corner. Whipped in, cleared, Ewan wins it, shoots wide.

Ross caught out of position, puts a challenge in just in time to put the Mascot guy under pressure.
Chris hospital ball, last ditch challenge from Joe. Chris does well to control after someone lamps it at him.

Good work from Wynton draws a fee kick.

Mascot whip the ball in, free header, lucky escape. Chris, Sam and Ross do well on the left, but the ball breaks to the centre and Bull comes across to cover. Terrible free kick against Wynton by the ref, well saved by Flanno. Wes appeals after the keeper flattens him, ref not interested.

Sam scuffs one. Good clearing header from Wynto. Flanno is literally watching planes flying overhead. Opportunistic shot from Wes.

Great ball in from Joe, Sam just doesn’t get enough on it.

Goalkeeper hits it long, Chris heads it the wrong direction, a bit like Gerrard in the World Cup, Wynton loses his man and Mascot make it 4-0.

Barry wins the ball shoots, keeper saves, corner. Wes to Sam, swung in, Stu rises and puts it in. 4-1.

Chris tries to gift Mascot a goal, he’s thinking 8-1 and free beers. Great work from Ewan to stop a breakaway.

Bull curls one just over.

Sam and Barry combine, keeper saves onto the post.

Mascot break, Chris holds him up and Bull clears, that was a chance. Mascot look most likely to score when we have a corner.

Stu almost gets one , cleared off the line.

Chris swings a free kick into the 8ft keepers hands.

That’s it, game over, another 4-1 loss, despite a fairly decent performance, just too many mistakes.