Match Report AA4 v Queens Park 03/08/14

The Law of Averages

On average, we score 1.1875 goals per game
On average, we concede 2.75 goals per game

But we also keep a clean sheet on average once every four games

So that means on average we actually concede on average 3.66 goals per game

On Sunday the team was decidely average. It took one short attacker and a quick throw-in, to bamboozle four watching defenders round the keeper and score the first goal. So that’s an average of any midget attacker being as good as four defenders.

The same short attacker then had a free header two yards from goal to score the 2nd. On average, each team that scores four goals against us, will have put at least two of them in from inside the six yard box.

The third goal was a penalty, of which we don’t concede too many, I think we’ve conceded two this year, so that’s not too bad.

Flanno our goalkeeper usually makes at least three decent saves per game and on this occasion he wrapped up all three within a 30 second period. Above average.

The fourth goal was fairly late in the game, but by then i was on my fifth beer, which is roughly 1 every 18 minutes on average, but i did have to go buy some ice, and i was trying to take it easy as it was only 2.30pm, and i had on average another 7 hours of drinking to go.

2 games left of this distinctly average season.

Average is as Average does.