AA8 v Redfern 28/04/13

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lateness of the match report going to press. On a positive note my new companies website is up and running and if any BUFC players, friends, families or mistresses need to find work or need migration help much love will be given. Shameless plug over we played some football a couple of Sundays ago.

We headed to some place where the Redfern Raiders ply their trade. After our marginal loss (of the game and players (bruiser) to a red card) the week before we were looking to put things right and get back to what we know best – winning.

The day was unseasonably hot, hot, hot and players arrived early to shade under the trees, and mingle amongst the hipster supporters, one in particular pealing themselves from the leather seat of their new club sponsored VW Golf GTI. There had been weather warning from Marcel earlier in the day that if any Irish players ventured outside they would literally explode (this actually nearly happened…..read on)

The game started and swung from end to end with not much happening in front of goal. Barnstoneworth took the initiative and started to apply more and more pressure on the Redfern defence however the strikers had left their shooting boot under the shady trees, peppering wild shots wide and over the bar.

The game finally came to life after some neat play from the back through midfield and Andy banging the ball past the hapless keeper. This was followed quickly by a another from Danny just before half time……Game on.

The second half started with a tired and sweaty bunch of Redfern players dealing with an onslaught of Barnstoneworth pressure. Unfortunately none of the attackers had changed their boots at half time and hundreds of other shots had no effect.

The game “literally” burst into life with the afore mentioned warning from Marcel when Ronan broke through the defence in a blaze of fire. Not the good kind, the kind where he collapsed with exhaustion before he could get his shot away and had to be stretchered off the pitch. To add insult to exhaustion the referee booked him for diving.

The game restarted with not much happening for either team and both sets of players looking for the final whistle. Unfortunately a lone Redfern player had other ideas and went for a lone run down the wing crossing the ball into the box. Who was it that said “white men can’t jump again”? Marcel went to collect the ball but his 1 metre bungy cord that attaches his legs to the goal line sprung back. The ball went through his hands and an on rushing Redfern player who duly nodded home.

There wasn’t enough time left for Redfern to get too excited with the referee blowing up. His bus had arrived to take him back to the care home.

Final Score:

Redfern Raiders 1 v 2 Barnstoneworth Utd