Match Report AA8 v Coogee (09/07/12)

Coogee 4 Barnstoneworth 1

A tough game at Hefron saw the lads defeated by top of the table Coogee.

A new found urgency was evident for the first time this season as we had a warm up. In unison, everyone pulled up their socks.

We got off to a bad start, and were 2 down after 10 minutes. The speed of the Coogee forwards proving too much for the defence including skipper John, big Al & Pete. They are slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter commented one onlooker. Big Gav had to go off after 15. Not a good day for the big man. He turned up late after a trying to calm down a problem at home. Apparently, young Kyle Houston had had been given an action man. When he opened the case it was empty. Gav told him it must have been a deserter.

We welcomed back Anto  and Paul Scholes looka like Darren to midfield. Anto looked a little rough. He’s had more nights out than Georgie Best commented another onlooker.

Just before half time Coogee scored again.

3 down at half time. The management looked as confused as blind lesbian in a fish market.

The second half saw a great improvement as we were the better side for the first 20 minutes, culminating in a deserved goal. Sean won a header in midfield and the ball fell to Ricky roll up. He slid a lovely through ball to John Murray who deftly chipped the keeper. (and walked away with the first goal scorer prize – a Bintang stubby holder.)

Coogee hit a fourth late on.

Remember lads – Nothing is over until we decide it is. Was it over when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour? Hell no!!

Thailand Andy – sorry to hear your missing the team.  An old Irish saying might help – An triuir nach fuiling an cniodachadh,  Seann bhean, cearc, agus ladyboy.    [Three that won’t bear caressing,  an old woman, a hen, and a ladyboy.]