Match Report AA8 v Lokomotiv B 22/04/12

A very brief report as Andy has let us down, for a man who speaks so much he is strangely reticent about putting pen to paper..

With injuries already mounting it was a streamlined version of the squad that arrived for the game against the supposedly struggling Lokomotiv team. Gav was sidelined because of a spider bite, Daz fearing the onset of old age withdrew, Lee had gotten into a scuffle the night previously defending the honour of a lady and Sean had woken up unable to walk at 7am.. thank God for Ibuprofen, Deep Heat and the fortuitous happenchance of a physiotherapist in the area.

The first half promised much, surely we’ll score, no, missed. Now we’ll score, no missed again etc etc
The big Johns imposing at the back and some thunderous well timed tackles limiting the clear cut opportunities for Loko.

Then finally a break through, a one two between Andy and Sean, a quick ball down the right hand side to Anto who released Ronan who takes it to the byline and (shoots) crosses it, and just as Sean steams in on the ball, the defender nips in and buries the ball under despairing dive of the keeper. Great finish by the unfortunate player.

Every other attack in the first half was either wasted by us, or saved by the quite frankly, outstanding keeper.

The second half started in much the same fashion for the first ten minutes of the second half, and then the nerves started to settle in and a strange thing happened. This Loko team that have yet to win a game, started to apply pressure, a lot of pressure. They put numerous chances just wide, hit the bar, Marcel had to save us a few times, and there was a last ditch saving tackle from Peter when an equaliser looked inevitable.

Fortunately, we then got a break, Dan charges down a defender and the ball ricochets kindly to Andy 20 yards out who sells the final defender and has puts the ball into the net. 2-0

How ironic after all the chances we had that the second goal comes from a mistake from the opposite team.

There was still time in the last couple of minutes for a marvellous 1-2 between Andy and Sean who has just the keeper to beat but once again the octopus skills of the keeper come to rescue as he sticks an arm out and prevents the ball crossing the line, the ball breaks to Ricky who must surely score – but skies the ball and the final chance goes begging.