Match Report AA8 v Redfern / UNSW

A 2-0 defeat at the hands of much improved Redfern wasn’t quite what we expected on a bright and lovely Saturday morning. Alas with just 11 players available for this game, and 78 year old Redfern Chairman Wally being forced to referee it didn’t bode well for us.

One moment of class (or more likely luck) from the Redfern midfielder gave stand in keeper Ken no chance as the ball nestled in the back of the net midway through the second half. 5 mins before the end, an avoidable mistake from cost us a 2nd goal.

The team as a whole played fairly well, but our decision making in the final third was costly as we time and time again wasted possession and handed the ball back to the opposition. We should have had a penalty, but it would have been a tough call for the stand in ref, and it seemed all our main chances fell to Sean again, who just can’t seem to find his shooting boots and put two over the bar and one was blocked by a defender.
A disappointing result in the end, but on a positive note, it was a great craic in the pub afterwards as we all took the piss out of Numpty and Rickys inability to pass to one another.

Beer really does help ease the pain.

The UNSW game the next day at 3pm would prove to be another tough game, UNSW are bottom of the league, but surely not the worst team in the league, or maybe they just like playing against us ? The game went a bit like this.

We attack, pass the ball to the opposition.  They attack, we win the ball easily, our back line playing particularly well, after John and Sean had words early on.  We attack again, and again, and again, but our version of attacking, doesn’t actually involve threatening their goal.  Pass the ball to the opposition,  kick it out of play,  anything except actually hitting the target.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Coogee have stuffed these fellas by 6 or 7 goals,  and both times we have played them we’ve struggled to get anything out of the game.  Coogee play triangles and keep the ball well,  and we don’t, or at least we haven’t for the last few weeks.

Fortunately for us, Aryan Nation Al had decided that he wasn’t going to stand for a 0-0 result, and with five minutes to go, he made a marauding run down the entire length of the pitchand pulled it back for Dan to take this moment to rediscover his goalscoring prowess and volley the ball in from 20 yards.  Great goal,  very tough on the UNSW lads,  and we use up our Get Out Of Jail Free card.

Big game to come this weekend against Easts who have stolen our 2nd place spot after our earlier slip up.  We will have to improve.