Presentation Night 2016

The 2016 Presentation night took place on the 17th September at the Coach and Horses pub in Randwick. With many of the boys attending Randwick Races earlier in the day the night was shaping up to be a great send off to a mediocre season. 

After a number of drinks and some food courtesy of Mands Indian restaurant Eddie kicked off the awards in typical fashion by telling us we are all useless and that we had let the club down this season. After a bit of a dressing down for the poor season Eddie finished off by explaining the approach for next year.

There will be a change of management for the AA2's and a more committed approach to pre-season and training throughout the season for both teams. The idea is to add a bit of competition to the whole squad with players looking to step up into the first team by impressing for the AA2's as well as those playing for the AA1's not being guaranteed their spot. It was probably the drink kicking in but everyone seemed enthusiastic for next season with the emphasis on proving a point next year and competing back at the top of the table. The goal for both teams is to reach the Grand Final, something we are all confident of doing.

The awards were handed out (see below) and the drinking carried on, but eventually the alcohol caught up with us all and after Walshy found himself on a chair in the courtyard singing from the top of his voice it was always going to end badly. The whole team was escorted off the premises in what can only be described as the 'Barnstoneworth Way'. 


AA1 - Top Goal Scorer - Danny Owen
AA1 - Player Of The season - Danny Owen

AA2 - Top Goal Scorer - Merv Stynes
AA2 - Player Of The season - Merv Stynes

AA6 - Top Goal Scorer - John Paul