2017 Registration

Create an FFA Account

If you haven't played in Australia before you will need to create an account with the FFA, click here to create account.

If you have an account but have forgotten your number and login details you can recover them here.

Online Payment

Login to your My Football Account

  1. Click on the button next to the photo that says 'Register'
  2. Fill in the form and click next
  3. STEP ONE - In the first box type in: Barnstoneworth United FC (NSW). There are a couple of clubs in the state called Barnstoneworth so make sure you have picked the right one.
  4. STEP TWO - From the drop down select 'Player'
  5. STEP THREE - From the drop down select 'Reg 2017' (If this doesn't appear make sure you have selected the correct Barnstoneworth, see STEP ONE)
  6. STEP FOUR - Click Add Packages
  7. Click next and then follow the instructions through to the payment screen.