Revenge is sweet


This was a big match for the team, and revenge was definitely on the boys minds as the last visit to UNSW wasn’t the best day at the office.

Good conditions for a game with the sun shining.

Few of the Barnstoneworth players were abscent, but non the less still a strong squad remained, who all had to pull together to try and bag 3 points against UNSW who were currently sitting top of the table.

The match kicked off pretty even for both teams with  possession 50/50. The university had no doubt some rapid wingers with plenty of crosses flying into the Barnstoneworth box.  Nothing the keeper  and the back four boys couldn’t handle. As the boys stated to settle, with confidence building, the university’s box was being more pressured with decent crosses flying in both from Andy and Ross. A competitive Uni though pegging us back making it difficult to play on the break. With 30 mins in Barnstoneworth were awarded a free kick from a ridiculous challenge with Jamie stepping up. Unfortunately putting it wide past the left post, but this opened up the game a little bit more. Barnstoneworth's back four were dealing with everything the Uni were throwing at them with some great tackles from Nick and Ian on the right. As the first half came to a close with only minutes remaining, out of nowhere a naughty delivery from winger Ross flew into the Uni’s box panicking an unsettled keeper, with the slightest of touches, Stu slotted it into the net, 1-0 BUFC. Minutes remained within the first half, with the Uni team looking unsettled as Barnstoneworth apply more and more pressure. 

HT Barnstoneworth 1-0 uni

Few changes being made before the second half kicking off with new lad Sam making his debut for the team. Second half couldn’t have come quicker, with both teams eager for a goal.

Barney applying pressure immediately with some tasty shots from the midfield. University as well applying looking to push forward trying to equalise but again back four keeping it real solid! Barney creating more and more chances especially with new recruit Sam delivering some nice balls through to Ross who had two really good chances to wrap up the game but unfortunately couldn’t find the net .. thought Billy was going to have a heart attack when he missed them! With chances being made from both teams, Billy quickly decides to make another change.

This time, it’s another debut for northern lad John, and within minutes being on the pitch he found himself prowling in the box. A sweet delivery from a Barney corner found Johnny who connects sweetly smashing the ball into UNSW’s roof. 2-0 BUFC, a great goal and thoroughly deserved. Frustration mists through the University boys wasting no time and putting constant pressure on the Barney back line. You can hear the manager next door who is making constant substitutions, rotating strikers, bringing on a small lad who was rapid with the ball at his feet. With minutes being on the pitch, a nice ball found the Uni’s striker, who’s fires it into the bottom corner. 2-1 we have a game on our hands. 

The Uni boys could definitely smell another goal, applying more and more pressure on the back four who were dealing with everything. Unfortunately a quick one-two from both strikers setting up a shot for the Uni, who fired a second through Gaffo. 2-2. Tempers flaring amongst the back 4 with frustration both on and off the pitch as a the university striker was seen shirt pulling centre back Nick. Personally I thought it was a foul and should have remained 2-1. Both teams battling it out in the final 10 with tackles flying left, right, and centre with various yellow cards being displayed. Both teams putting an absolute shift in trying to get the winner.

With minutes remaining a tasty cross from the Uni winger found their striker who thought he had won it for them, only to be denied by the cat like reflex save from the man himself Gaffo. Who quite frankly kept the Barnstoneworth in the game. With no wasting time, Stu finding the ball, displays a Beckham like pass which is ping’d to midfielder Sam who interjects a bit of pace and out muscles the left back, with absolutely no hint of offside, then fired a shot which then clips the centre backs arm. The bench erupts, and a penalty is awarded. With pressure on Stevey W to bag the 3 points, the ref clearly stating “this will be the last kick of the game”, the whistle is blown and Stephen cleanly strikes the ball into the bottom corner. Seconds after the final whistle is blown and drink bottles flying everywhere. Relief for the Barney boys. 

A descent performance overall and if we were a bit more clinical in front of goal the game could have been wrapped up. A thoroughly deserved win though and a great battle from both teams, we find ourselves back onto winning ways, 

 Bring on the next game ... MTB