Goal of the season?


As the AA2’s found themselves fighting for a place in the finals, they hosted East’s at the house of Paine. 

Barney knowing the importance of this game got themselves fired up for another battle with the tactical genius Nick naming a very ambitious starting line up in a flying D formation. 

Barney played their natural aggressive football in the opening stages of the game with an abundance of chances gone missing. 

As Barney were plying on the pressure with some tasty corner kicks whipped in from both sides they suddenly found themselves on the back foot after a number of individual mistakes from the back which lead to a very scrappy goal as the East’s pounced and bungled in the opening goal. 

As the heads started to drop and angers flaring Barney were rewarded with a free kick 25 yards from goal just before the half time whistle.

As the 20 strong fan base all stood at attention as they eagerly waited for Jamie Dillon to strike the final kick of the half they did not expect to witness a ‘Michel Platini’ esk effort and watching in astonishment as Jamie’s free kick soared towards the top right hand corner and kissing the cross bar on its way in. 

With Dillon recovering some belief the boys came out from the half with the great winning attitude that has been shown in previous games.

As Stephen Whelan stepped forward to swing in another Barney corner much to his enjoyment watched as a large gust of wind carried his cross straight over the keeper nestling nicely in the back of the net. 2-1 Barney

As the game carried on East’s looked threatening but the back line carried out their duties.

With Barney now comfortable on the ball Stuart McKay added a bit of his killer instinct finishing a nice piece of play from down the right wing.

East’s held on the this score as Barney looked to add some more.

The game was finished at 3-1 with Barney closing down the gap at the top of the table.