Barnstoneworth United AA2 v Maccabi C

Maccabi C were hosting us at Heffron Synthetic Pitch. It was a great winters day, the weather was perfect for a game of football. We were very much prepared and even Wynton managed to stay sober for the occasion. Despite this our captain, Mr fantastic, had to have a pre match shit after his night out at Randy Wix. However not much can be said about our lazy opposition as they rocked up half an hour later than us. They probably thought we would be an easy walkover, this certainly was not going to be the case...

Billy and Nick gave out the plans to press them throughout the whole game which certainly worked! 

We Stuck to a 4-4-2

Starting with:

Duck Nick Ryan Wynton
Gerry Harry Hero Damo
Cosmo Shaun

Subs: Sparky, Stu, Niall

Maccabi Kicked off and within a few moments Damos antics got him a talking to. Barney were pressing very well and created some good chances with Harry and Hero using the wings well, Harry even having a few shots from distance. Gerry and Damo destroying their full backs however we still struggled making that final pass count. Shaun a few half chances, but the fear of Moussa returning to the club must have been playing on his mind, as these came to nothing and it seemed like it was going to be one of those days for Barney.

Billy  knew that a change was needed and brought on Stu for Cosmo. Within minutes The Mighty Duck lobs a 20 yard ball to Stu, as he got the ball he turned took a touch popped it in, Keeper was left stranded, 1-0 BUFC. Finally we had gotten our much needed first goal. Later Hero gets fouled 30 yards out, Duck takes the free kick smashing a good ball just outside the left post brushing past Wyntons beard and 2 others.

In the 2nd half Niall was floating past everyone and had a good chance from a header. It hit the line and Maccabis keeper made a miraculous save making sure it didn't go in. Eventually the pressure paid off and Niall, just outside the box, had the option to shoot for goal but gave a short pass to Stu who glided past Maccabi's defenders who seemed to be rooted on the spot and slotted the ball into the bottom right corner, 2-0 BUFC. Stu again received the ball in the box the firey ranga was so hot he could have started bushfires in seconds. Having Damo free on the left, plays the simple pass then slots it just under the keeper to score our 3rd. 3-0 BUFC. 

Damo and Gerry came off putting in a full 110%, with fresher legs in Sparky and later Shaun and Cosmo it meant we could keep pressing for the full 90 having a few more chances. Our Defence was unbreakable, leaving Gaffo with just a few simple saves. Having scored 2 goals and making an Assist, Stu definitely was our man of the match.